I love dresses....sun dresses, shirt dresses, tunics, sacks.... the lot of em....but wedding dresses, I don't know.... they're tricksy... and kinda scary. It feels like large white ugliness is hard to avoid, but below are some that I like... maybe even love a little.

left - Toni Maticevski - this was my first choice but unfortunately it has a monster truck price tag. (image from Elle)
middle - Akira- Spiral Shibori Long Dress. I tried this dress on a couple of times.... and really wanted it to work, but it looked like I was hiding a baby under all that fabric (which isn't the case mum)... shame though... (image from
right - J.Mendel- Such a lovely dress, though you might need to be super thin to pull it off... which I ain't. I like how her torso looks like it's been wrapped in pretty bandages. (image from style.com)

This dress is pretty much perfect! It's vintage feeling with some nice quirks.... and matched with those shoes... apricot flats!! mmmmmm. (images from Once Wed - click for more photos)
left - Super cute Jenny Packham dress. A little bit of glitz. (images from Brooklyn Bride - click for more photos)
middle - WEEEEE she's wearing pink brogues with her dress.... outstanding! Lovely lovely vintage dress. (images from Once Wed - click for more photos)
right - I love this simple short summery dress, if it was knee length I reckon it might suit me a bit better. (images from Once Wed - click for more photos)

and most importantly I'll need to be able to dance like this guy..... ain't no dress gonna get in the way of my aggressively dorky dancing! (image from bonjour!)


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