I've been looking for an affordable forwarding service for Japanese online shopping for a while now... and recently came across Tenso, a Japanese forwarding service that also assist with the actual purchasing (most Japanese online stores won't take foreign credit cards)... So when I saw the mina perhonen collaboration with PASS THE BATON I thought why not give it a burl... $90 later ($75 of that is handling and postage fees) and only one third of the items I requested arrived (they'd sold out because it took them 7 days to act...).... that's one seriously expensive bread plate... but it's so beautiful I almost don't mind the price.... 
So if you're thinking of using this service I'd load up your basket with items that aren't likely to sell out quickly cos once you start the process you're committed.


Anonymous said...

thanks for your review, because I am thinking of ordering something at amazon.jp and have it forwarded by tenso.

wow, that is one expensive plate
$ 75 just for handling and postage fee, etc

I don't think I will go ahead with my order
I also find it also very unclear what the costs are or will be


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